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Delivery Disclaimer:

I understand as a Lockerblox delivery customer that I must be present during the entire delivery.  I release Lockerblox and its delivery affiliates from liability or damage incurred during delivery.  I understand that containers are dropped only where the truck can be on solid ground such as gravel, hard to pack, concrete, or asphalt.  If requested to leave the hard surface by customer, the customer agrees to pay any and all cost of damages to delivery truck and pay all wrecker bills in full.  I understand that if the delivery vehicle is stuck on my property due to my request for them to leave hard surface that I will be billed $100 per hour wait time until the truck is able to be moved.

Delivery Date Disclaimer:

All expected delivery dates are subject to change based on availability.  Lockerblox will communicate with the customer directly if there is an expected change to a given delivery date.

- The truck, trailer, and container can be a combined weight of 40,000 Pounds! You must make sure your site is prepared to handle a haul of this size.See our Delivery Site Requirements Here

- Your delivery site must be firm and solid. Our delivery trucks cannot drive over a grass yard.

-The driver retains the right to deny delivery if he deems the delivery site is unsafe. 

- We suggest having a backup delivery site in mind before delivery is scheduled.

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